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Prophet of Loss Winners

Everyone, thank you for entering the drawing for my novel, Propet of Loss. The response was great and I got some really friendly, supportive emails from a lot of people. For the drawing, we wrote the names on squares of paper and drew them in the classic style, out of a hat.

Author Fun Fact: I feel a lot of pressure to make drawings as fair as possible.

I think a few of our team members found my insistence on cutting the squares of paper into equal sizes, then folding them into equal sizes, a bit fanatical. But I make no apologies for this, name-drawing is serious business! If it means enduring quiet whispers of "OCD much?" and the not-so-quiet accusations of "really freaking obsessing over this" then so be it.

Our winners are below. If you are not among them, I hope you will still consider buying Prophet of Loss or, at the very least, borrowing it from someone else to read. If you are a winner, I hope you will do me the kindness of writing a review after you read the book. Thanks to all of you!

Agnes (Aggie) James

Janet Kanady

Roberta Avila-Guevara

Jason Fiske

Julie Earhart-Cracchiolo

Linda Gawthrop

Wayne Yerby

Jessica Mullins

Emily Savageau

Lena Griffis

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